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New Holistic Courses


*It is possible to order a tailor made course based on the knowledge or skills you want to gain and with a different price range. *It is also possible to get live consults or lessons online or on location, during the courses.  

Female Herbs

This subject exists out of multiple courses, basic female herbs for the reproductive system, during pregnancy, menopause or to regulate the female menstrual cycle. 

Male Herbs

This course is about herbs for libido, fertility and strength and anti aging. It is especially directed towards the male reproductive system. 

Immune Boosting

Especially due to the Flu Season, it is good to take the right measures to improve and boost your immunity. 


Detox viewed from Eastern and Western alternative practice, different types of detoxes and what is an appropriate way of detoxing and what things to take into account before you start your detox. 

Healthy World Food

Based on 6 specific permanent food styles that are especially promoted because of their health improving qualities.