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I use a lot of symbolism in what I'm doing and in the different names that I use. I felt the name Ilumina Vida fits really well with the site, the vision actually started in a dream. When you visit this website you will understand in a subconscious and conscious way what life was supposed to look like and what life was really about. When and if you met me, you can see here the things that I do and that I'm interested in to discuss further with you, together, when you are the focus point or when you have questions about me. 

If you want to know more in depth, I made different websites about different topics, but on this website you can find the right information about the subjects that I'm busy with and that I'm working on in my own life. I know life is not easy for a lot of people, which is why I made the website online, so it is accessible for a lot of people, and we could technically connect over the internet to share these subjects and understand life better from different perspectives. 

I'm searching and researching these things in my life, and write a lot about it. My background is in Psychology, Aesthetics, Health and Wellness, but also Spirituality and Sexuality. These things all matter in balance and are important to give a place in your life, and can be reached also by yourself and when you are single. You can live a happier and better life also when you are single, it is not always easy especially materially, financially and emotionally, but there are possibilities towards at least an emotional happier life, and if you live in a country with some support you can also get by materially and financially. 

I would love to see and meet you, if you resonate with these feelings and understand what I'm talking about. 

I resonate with the Christ Philosophy, but in a Spiritual and Sexual way. 

I resonate with the Suufi Philosophy, but in a Spiritual and Sexual way. 

I resonate with the Tantric Philosophy, but in a Spiritual and Sexual way. 

I resonate with the Buddhist Philosophy, but in a Spiritual and Sexual way. 

I resonate with the Shamanistic Philosophy, but in a Spiritual and Sexual way. 

I resonate with the Wiccan Philosophy, but in a Spiritual and Sexual way. 


Amazon Author

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First autobiography about practical spirituality and how to make spirituality concrete in your life. The reason for this book is to understand how and why I made these feelings and understanding the need to express myself. 

This is how I became to understand art and creativity later on. It was about my first long term partnership period and my childhood till young adult. 


This is my second autobiography with more information and in depth visions about how I developed my intuitive sense and tantric feelings better. I also talk a lot about symbolism and the erotic mind in depth. This is my fascination, because I look different at the world than mainstream, so I feel myself as the spiritual in betweener bohemian, which means that I like to keep the balance but into extremes also oscillate, which I see as part of life. The bohemian life means the travelers mind. I'm thinking about spirituality definitely connected to sexuality and intertwined with each other. I don't feel it is only ascetism or only hedonism though, as I'm connecting it to balancing and the right amount of things in the right way.  I also talk about crises and psychological trauma. 


My books are both under 100 pages as I feel it doesn't need to be long all the time to share a message or to give information that is to the point and straight. The actual idea is to connect to one another. If you are interested, you can contact me through email


Meaning of Ilumina Vida

The Meaning of Ilumina Vida is actually deeper than the surface, because it works on different levels. The meaning is related to the religious Christ story, and my book Touch Beyond Religious Madness. The Ilumina Vida, means literally Enlightened Life or Light Up Life. It is My total feeling and need and understanding of life as a whole concept of the purpose of what people strive for to reach in life. 

People strive to reach enlightenment, but at the same time they don't wanne commit to discipline, tasks and strong will power. So I feel it is more about lighten up life instead of enlightened life, because moderation and balance are key towards a healthy and long term happy life. The way to get enlightened in this philosophy is that it happens when it happens, and not to force any such thing by extreme circumstances, unless they were not to be prevented.  

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Coming Soon!

In this book I describe the Tantric Sexuality from a Female Perspective. I know there is a lot of controversy about sexuality and how a woman experiences sexuality and what women actually think because a lot is censored and not all women (can) express their opinion. Since I'm from a controversial yet multicultural background I felt the need to express my opinion about what I've experienced in my life. This book is also autobiographical and informational from a Female Perspective.